Top comics 6/3

Every Wednesday new comics drop. These are my top picks this week.

Spoilers below, so avoid them if, y’know, you don’t want spoilers.

Secret Wars #3

Huge issue with tons of hype-moments.

First we get some nice character development from Doom. The man with a legendary hubris issue reflects and admits his own flaws and shows his true face, in more ways than one.


We finally see our heroes, the survivors of the main Marvel universe and the only ones to retain their memories of the time before Battleworld.

Some highlights here:

  • Loving the Spider-Men reunion. I like Peter as a sort-of mentor to Miles.
  • Phoenix Cyclops is a damn superstar. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do.
  • Poor Reed. His family died just before he could rescue them and then he’s brought into this place minutes later (from his perspective).

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We conclude with an ending that leaves me wishing Secret Wars #4 wasn’t delayed.

Thanos and his Cabal vs a legion of Thors.

Untitledthanos thor secret wars

Justice League #41

Great narration by Wonder Woman and I’m loving the parallels between all the League member origins


I could get used to Law & Order: JL


Star Wars #6

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii—-

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Amazing Spider-Man, Renew Your Vows #1

Rule 1 of Super-Villainy: Don’t threaten Peter’s family.


I read some more this week, but these were my faves.

What did you guys read, what did you guys like?


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