The 559 Art Hop

The culture of Fresno has been growing exponentially in recent years, finally approaching a point consistent with its size (~500k).

Despite having lived in Fresno the first 17 years of my life, I rarely ever ventured downtown. I had no reason to. Because in spite of its size, Fresno never truly felt like a city, but rather an expansive, suburban sprawl. Its downtown area is taking careful steps to change the city’s cultural perception. I mean, I can still take a nap in the middle of a downtown street during weekends, so we clearly have a way to go, but at least there’s the Art Hop.

The first and third Thursday of each month allows local creatives to showcase their talents in several downtown venues. Now prior to tonight I’ve never gone to a Fresno Art Hop, and maybe it’s just the $2 beers talking, but I had a good time.

So if you’re ever passing by this specific city on these specific days, come on out. You might enjoy yourself.



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