Batman’s New Status Quo Begins Today


…and he’s got some fresh duds to match.

Everything has changed.

The DC universe has undergone a massive shift in it’s status quo, leaving none of its heroes untouched. While the reasons behind the changes for the other Justice League members have only been teased at, as of today, Batman’s is front and center.

This newest chapter follows the conclusion of Batman #40, when the titular hero apparently died in a final climactic battle against the Joker.

What follows is a city in mourning.


But legacy is a recurring theme in the Dark Knight’s mythos. There must always be a Batman.

The last time somebody called himself Batman, it was Dick Grayson: Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, the first Robin, and later Nightwing. His Batman kept the cape and cowl, which made sense. He grew up alongside the Caped Crusader, so it follows that he’d stick closely to his style.

Our new hero is none other than Jim Gordon, and his take on Batman is a very different beast.

Powers International utilized newly-discovered elements to create a nano-carbon batsuit that skews closer to Iron Man than the classic tights of Bruce Wayne.

Several of Gotham’s Finest have undergone an intense training regimen to determine the best fit for the title, but it all came down to Gordon.



This new Batman works closely with the Gotham City Police Department, operating entirely within the law. He has the official capacity to make arrests, and strays closer to the light than Bruce ever did.

Even the Bat-Signal has experienced a drastic change. Instead of a skyward beacon, spreading hope to the innocent and instilling fear to the guilty, it now functions as a spotlight, firing off his own personal zeppelin.



Much like how Alfred assisted Bruce, Gordon has his own team running tactics and support. His new armor even has its own version of the cape.

Just goes to show that as much as everything might change, some things never do.



Beneath the armor, it appears Gordon does wear some iteration of the tights, looking almost like the suit from Batman Beyond.

A gun loaded with electric bat-shaped darts stays holstered at his side, and one would imagine he’s got plenty more tricks up his sleeve. It’s comforting to know Gordon isn’t helpless without the armor.



A new Batman inspires a need for new villains, too. Mr. Bloom is hopefully the first in a long line of fresh faces to the Batman Rogues Gallery.


I know there are many who dislike this new direction, but a little change every now and again is good for comics. Otherwise we just keep retreading over old ground.

I, for one, am interested to see where writer Scott Snyder takes this new Batman.

Batman’s got a brave new world. We’re all just living in it.


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